• Monitor street lights in unincorporated Homer Township and dispatch vendors
  • Plow snow and distribute ice control on a little more than one hundred and forty (140) miles of roads
  • Maintain the surface and shoulders of all roads
  • Maintain all drainage ditches and driveway culverts.
  • Maintain and replace when needed, approximately 100 miles of sidewalks
  • Mow right-of way grass in open areas.
  • Maintain right-of-way vegetation for line-of-sight safety at all intersections.
  • Street sweep all curbed subdivision twice each summer season.
  • Maintain storm sewers, drains and basins.
  • Trim the over eight thousand (8,000) trees when they interfere with pedestrian walkways, or safe vehicle operation and/or visibility.
  • Remove debris from roads such as gravel and dead animals.
  • Install and maintain the more than two thousand (2,000) regulatory and street signs.
  • Issue permits to monitor all sub-contractor activity in the road rights-of-way.

Regular road programs

Preventative maintenance
  • Resurface all roads prior to base or sub-base failure.
  • Maintain shoulder stone.
  • Repaint road surface markings annually
  • Maintain vehicle weight limitations
  • Inspect and clear debris from all major drainage areas and systems prior to any anticipated or forecasted substantial rain event.

Major Road Programs

  • Improve intersections with turn lanes and traffic controls
  • Add turn lanes at major use areas such as parks and public buildings.
  • Re-engineer and widen roads during resurfacing.