The Homer Township Road District now maintains the unincorporated areas of Homer Township only and no longer services incorporated Homer Glen Roads.

The current IGA with Homer Glen provides all plowing and salting to be done by the village, subject to road district oversite as well as parkway mowing and tree trimming.

Unincorporated residents should continue to call the district at (708)301-0246 with any concerns they may have. Incorporated Homer Glen residents should call the village or the public works department at (708)301-0632 or (708)966-0059 with any concerns they may have.


Forest Manor Subdivision

The Forest Manor Subdivision sidewalks and asphalt has come to an end. You can check out the pictures and work done in the picture gallery. The dirt for the sidewalks has been completed and the project has come to completion.

Chicago-Bloomington Trail

Chicago-Bloomington Tr. is currently closed at Cedar Rd due to a Will County project. They are replacing a bridge on Cedar and it has become a single lane road and their work zone crosses into Chi-Bloom. Chicago-Bloomington is expected to reopen in mid November. Please do not attempt to go through the closed intersection as you may end up in a head on collision situation. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Political Signs

All signage must be removed from public parkways by Friday November 11th or they will be disposed of.