Bruce & Gougar Rd.

Bruce Rd & Gougar intersection has come to completion and is back to normal traffic flow.


The Homer Township Road District now maintains the unincorporated areas of Homer Township only and no longer services incorporated Homer Glen Roads.

Unincorporated residents should continue to call the district at (708)301-0246 with any concerns they may have. Incorporated Homer Glen residents should call the village or the public works department at (708)301-0632 or (708)966-0059 with any concerns they may have.


Chicago-Bloomington Trail

Chicago-Bloomington Trail has been reopened at Cedar Rd and Cedar Rd has been restored back to Two way traffic. Thank you for you understanding and safe travels to all.


Water Flushing Alert

Homer Glen Notification Group,


Beginning April 3, 2024, Illinois American Water will begin its annual maintenance of the fire hydrant system in Homer Glen, the Homer service area, work is expected to continue throughout the Summer*.  During this period, fire hydrants will be evaluated for functionality, repaired when necessary, and flushed.  The process of periodically flushing hydrants is essential in identifying fire hydrants in need of repair and maintaining optimal water quality throughout the potable water distribution system. 


Through the discharge of water from the fire hydrant(s), water flow rates are increased to provide a scouring effect that removes mineral deposits that may accumulate in the water main.  While the majority of mineral deposits are removed from the hydrant discharge, it is not uncommon for customers to experience a temporary discoloration of water within their residence or dwelling.  The removal of these deposits is critical in maintaining water quality.


Kevin Hillen, senior manager for the Northern Division, said “Everything we do centers around our customers and providing quality service at a good value. The annual maintenance program is a part of our commitment to delivering safe, reliable water service to homes and businesses, as well as fire hydrants.”


When fire hydrant flushing is occurring in your area, the following items should be considered:

  • If possible, avoid using water while flushing is taking place.  Use of water during the flushing event may result in discolored water entering the premise plumbing of the residence or dwelling. 
  • If you encounter discolored water during hydrant flushing, run water from the cold water tap only until discoloration subsides.  Do not use hot water until discoloration is no longer present when flushing from the cold-water tap.  This may require flushing of cold water from multiple taps. 
  • Do not do laundry during, or shortly after, the hydrant flushing event.  Discolored water may stain fabrics.
  • If, after flushing from the cold-water tap(s), water pressure appears lower than normal, clean the faucet aerator.  Mineral deposits may obstruct flow through the aerator (screen), resulting in lower pressure.
  • When water discoloration or pressure problems persist, contact Illinois American Water at 800-422-2782.
  • For additional concerns, regarding potential water quality issues, contact the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency at 217-782-1020 or Illinois Emergency Management Agency at 800-782-7860.
  • For more information, please visit https://www.. amwater com/ilaw/resources/IL-Flushing-factSheet.pdf.


*Note: Dates and times may fluctuate due to weather conditions. Illinois American Water will place hydrant flushing signs on the streets that they are flushing to notify the customers this is being done in their area.



Thank you,

Stephanie Atkins | Lead Operations Support Representative | Illinois American Water

- 1000 Internationale Parkway | Woodridge, Illinois 60517