Homer Township Road District

Funding and Autonomy

The Homer Township Road District is a separate Governmental Entity.   It is managed by the Homer Township Road District Commissioner. It is funded by Local Real Estate Taxes and State Motor Fuel Taxes.  Although the Township Supervisor and Board of Trustees “Certify” the Road District Tax Levy, the Amount of Taxes Levied upon the Township is determined solely by the Township Road District Commissioner. 

While the Road District’s expenditures from the Real Estate Tax Levy are overseen by the Homer Township Supervisor and Board of Trustees, spending is controlled by the Road District Commissioner.  The Homer Township Supervisor acts as the Road District Treasurer and the Township Clerk is also the Road District Clerk.  The Road District’s Motor Fuel Taxes are levied by the State of Illinois.  The Road District’s portion of Motor Fuel Taxes are then given to the Will County Engineer who controls the spending of those funds in Homer Township.

The Road District Commissioner’s compensation (salary and benefits package) is controlled and set by the Township Supervisor and Board of Trustees and is paid out of Township Funds, not Road District Funds.


Intergovernmental Agreement with the Village of Homer Glen


The Homer Township Road District maintains the Roads, Road Signs, Drainage Systems, Sidewalks and Trees that are in the Road Right-of-Way within the Village of Homer Glen.  This relationship is governed by an Intergovernmental Agreement originally agreed to by both parties in 2001 and revised in 2003.  The Agreement authorizes the Road District to manage maintenance of the Village Roads in the same manner as it did prior to the Incorporation of Homer Glen. The IGA is an annual agreement that automatically renews on each anniversary date.


Funding to the Homer Township Road District for this maintenance is provided by the Real Estate Tax that is levied by the Homer Township Road District Commissioner.  As per State Statutes, Road and Bridge Taxes levied within a Municipality by the Road District are divided equally at collection (on your real estate tax bill) by the County Collector with half going to the Road District and half going to the Municipality. The Village then forwards those Road and Bridge taxes levied by the Road District that they collect back to the Road District.  An additional agreed-to amount of $183,600.00 is paid to the Road District by the Village annually.   This money replaces Motor Fuel Tax Revenue not paid to the Road District due to Incorporation.