Current Road Projects





Next Wednesday, September 22nd, the Contractor will mobilize and begin removing the existing roadways (135th & 146th).  The removal process may take a few days with another day of prepping the roadway for asphalt.  The asphalt placement should take one day, maybe two. The last task completed will be the asphalt driveway placement. Keep in mind that weather will be a determining factor which may alter the duration of completing this portion of the work.


We greatly appreciate your patience during the improvements.  If you have any concerns and/or problems with accessibility, please contact Homer Township Road District at (708) 301-0246 or look on our website for updates. You may also contact the engineering firm of HR Green at 815-509-4613 and ask for Chris. We apologize for the delay in completing this work and appreciate your cooperation.


Upon completion of the project the Highway Commissioner will do a final post walk through inspection. If there any issues with driveways or walks they will be addressed with the commissioner at that time or by contacting his office at 708-301-0246. Look here for updates on when the commissioner will be out. Notice will also be given via flyer to your home.






Brent Porfilio, P.E.

Homer Township Highway Commissioner